Terms and Conditions:

In order to qualify for this referral program and claim your reward, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions:

The “Referrer” relates to the person who is submitting the details of their friend or colleague.

The “Referee” relates to the person who is having their details shared by the “Referrer”.

  1. The Referrer must be a registered candidate with DELKEN prior to submission in order to qualify for the reward program.
  2. The Referrer is eligible to refer as many friends or colleagues to DELKEN as they wish.
  3. The Referrer must receive the permission of the person they refer before submitting their details. The referrer will indemnify DELKEN for any loss or claim that comes from their failure to gain the consent of the Referee.
  4. DELKEN will try their best to contact the Referrer when they become eligible to receive their gift card, however the responsibility will remain with the Referrer to contact their DELKEN consultant in order to claim their gift card.
  5. The Referee cannot already be registered to DELKEN and in order to claim the gift card they have to be placed by DELKEN within 6 months of being referred.
  6. To show our gratitude, we will reward you with a HK$2,000 Apple® Store Gift Card. The qualified candidate (or the referee) must be successfully placed in a permanent vacancy introduced by DELKEN, with the confirmed monthly salary of not less than HK$20,000 and the completion of 4 months employment.
  7. For successful referrals with the confirmed monthly salary of HK$20,000 or below upon the permanent job placement and completion of 2 months employment, we offer a HK$500 Apple® Store Gift Card to the Referrer.
  8. The Referrer can only claim one gift card per Referee.
  9. Eligibility for this offer is at the discretion of DELKEN and our decision is final.
  10. The Apple® Store Gift Card may not be exchanged for cash.
  11. This Referral program is not eligible to any employees (or members of their families) of DELKEN or its subsidiaries.
  12. DELKEN reserves the right to change the provider of the gift card without notice and issue a gift card of an equivalent value to HK$2,000 or HK$2,000 for a different retail outlet should DELKEN be unable to procure the gift cards for the requested outlet.
  13. DELKEN are not held responsible in the event of a gift card being lost, stolen, destroyed, or used without permission.
  14. DELKEN reserve the right to terminate this reward scheme at any time.

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Do you need help?

If you have any questions about the referral program then please contact us at referrals@delken.com.hk.