7 Steps to A Killer Resume

delken March 4, 2024 How to Find a Job

7 Steps to A Killer Resume

7 Steps to A Killer Resume

The resume you hand a potential employer is that all-important first impression. If you want to get an interview then your resume needs to stand out.

There are some golden rules that everyone knows. Your resume needs to be easy to read and not be too long. Take out the words “References available upon request” and keep the file saved as a PDF. This won’t be enough though. These are the “golden rules” after all. Everyone does this.

Searching for a job is hyper competitive and so you want to stand out and show the recruiter that you are exactly what they are looking for. The following are 7 steps to a killer resume that will make you stand out from the crowd.

1. Have a Separate Resume for Each Job

A recruiter will most often look at a resume more than a cover letter. There’s no need to make broad changes but you should make small changes here and there. Make sure your resume contains the same keywords that are in the job description and that you’ve put the appropriate skills and certifications.

2. Be Specific

You can really show off your skills by providing specific examples of accomplishments and key projects. You should also demonstrate your industry knowledge by using jargon and industry-specific terms to a degree. A recruiter is interested in what you can do beyond the things they put in the job description. Include a specific list of skills at the bottom and try and weave them into your work experience summary.

3. Showcase Your Growth

Sometimes quantity does go a long way. So make sure that you throw in some percentages and dollars into your resume. Include things like a specific percentage of how much you grew a business or how large the business you managed was. Tell the recruiter the figure in dollars that you were able to save by cutting costs. Using timeframes and employee counts will showcase your qualifications better than a lot of words could. Don’t forget to include any relevant volunteer work.

4. Proofread It

If there are spelling and grammar errors in your CV then it shows a lack of attention and care and this is the fastest way to be dismissed. Get a friend to give your resume a read over to make sure that there are no errors you didn’t catch. You don’t want to be let down by one tiny detail.

5. Include a Cover Letter

Sometimes it can be a cover letter that really edges the job for you. Use your letter to highlight your accomplishments and go into more detail about the relevant job experience that you have. Cover letters are also a sample of your writing and a way for your to show the recruiter that you can not just meet their expectations, but surpass them.

6. Formatting

The CV needs to be concise and clean so that it can be easily read by a recruiter. You can achieve this by using a modern professional template that includes your contact information at the top of the page. There are plenty of different ways in which to format a resume but the main point is to keep all the important things at the top. If you’re straight out of college then put down your education and classes at the top. But if you’ve got some work experience then use the top to showcase your career highlights and accomplishments.

7. Don’t Forget the Soft Skills

Recruiters are interested in finding a client that can fit right into their corporate culture and get on well with the existing staff members. Showcase your teamwork, problem-solving, communication and interpersonal skills so that your employer gets a good idea about who you are. You want to show the employer that you’re well-rounded and that you’re going to fit right in. Show them that you can help them reach their goals but won’t disrupt the workplace in the process.