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Human capital is essential to the success of any corporation in the modern era. The human workforce is the essence of skill and corporate strategy creation in all organizations. At DELKEN, we are proud for our trustworthy and competent HR services. Our mission is to free businesses and organizations from the burden of ordinary human-resource tasks and help them invest their resources more productively. HR services are crucial to maintain a well-organized business, be it hiring or performing administration duties. To ensure that your productivity is at its highest point, you should trust an HR partner who is adept at all HR-related operations.

Our HR Consulting Services

Business Set-Up


We handle all tasks regarding your company’s formation or incorporation. DELKEN will also assist you in going through all the formalities required to setting up your business, either legal or statutory. We will also help you prepare your offices. Our package includes:

  • Company Formation/Incorporation
  • Government Registration
  • Acquisition of License
  • Office Setup

Employment Visa Application


We provide a Hong Kong Employment Visa Application service for all non-Hong Kong residents who wish to be employed in Hong Kong. The following Hong Kong Visa application services are available:

  • Employment as Professionals
  • Extension of Stay

Benefits Administration & Tax Reporting

  • Review of employment review and compliance assurance with Statutory Minimum Wage
  • MPF calculation for employees
  • Aiding clients to set up their MPF accounts
  • Communicate with MPF provider regarding account preparation and MPF payment arrangements
  • MPF contributions in line with MPF Ordinance and regulations
  • Severance Payment and Long Service Payment calculations and reporting
  • Tax filing and reporting for employees


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