Payroll Outsourcing

Save Your Time And Administration Costs

Managing the entire payroll process cost-effectively and efficiently.

Corporations in the modern day have to deal with a harsh business landscape, making difficult for them to allocate time and resources in complex and delicate services such as payroll – a very sensitive and accuracy-driven process. What’s more, it is impossible to meet current productivity and performance standards without quality HR reporting. We handle all these through our payroll service: when sourcing us for these tasks, you can rest assured that we’ll have them perfectly under control, while you focus on the most important and profitable aspects of running your business.

We are perfectly capable of handling payroll services for business of all sizes alike; whether you are a young startup, a medium-size company, or a 1,500-employee retail giant, we have you covered. By streamlining your HR tasks, you won’t have to invest in costly computer software and hardware, and you will have more free in-house resources to use more productively. With our payroll services you are freed from the obligation of keeping payrolls inside your company. We provide calculations for salary, conduct payments, administer MPF benefits, leave and overtime administration and tax reporting.

Our Payroll Services

Salary Calculation

Salary Calculation
  • We perform quality-control audits and itemized payroll processing
  • We do salary calculations per month
  • We provide itemized payroll reports for client records and confirmation

Salary Disbursement

Salary Disbursement
  • We send employees their pay slips
  • We handle salary bank transfers to employee accounts

MPF Benefits Administration

  • We calculates MPF contributions for employers and employees
  • We handle contribution deposits with MPF trustees
  • We deduce employee MPF contributions from salary

Tax Reporting

Tax Reporting
  • We handle all information exchange with the Inland Revenue Department
  • We take care of employees’ tax filing and reporting

Leave and Overtime Administration

  • We calculate leave and overtime
  • We provide leave and overtime balance reports


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